Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive Project 007 James Bond

Yesterday, Hitman developer IO Interactive began teasing an announcement for a brand new project. Today, that upcoming title was revealed as Project 007. That’s right — the team behind the Hitman series is making a brand new James Bond game. We have no platform info as of yet, but we’re hoping this one comes to Nintendo Switch in one form or another.

The official IO Interactive Project 007 website and James Bond Twitter say that the title will be a “wholly original Bond story,” where players will earn their “00 status in the very first James Bond origin story.”

This is the real deal then, becoming a massive scoop for IO Interactive. The team split from Square Enix a few years ago to become independent, and having the Bond license under your wing isn’t a bad way to branch out. James Bond games have been dormant since negatively received 007 Legends in 2012, after which time then-IP publisher Activision lost the rights to the franchise.

Going off this announcement info, Project 007 looks a ways out. Platforms haven’t been revealed this early on, as IO Interactive is still “recruiting elite talent” to develop the game. If it doesn’t make its way to Switch natively, maybe a remotely streamed version will appear for the platform, akin to Hitman 3 – Cloud Edition.

Do you have any fond 007 game memories, GoldenEye perhaps? Let us know in the comments.

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