Hitoshi Ariga creates coronavirus Reploid Mega Man X for son Big O Mega Man Megamix Gigamix Amabie

Hitoshi Ariga is a beloved Japanese artist known for manga adaptations like The Big O, Mega Man Megamix, and Mega Man Gigamix. He has also designed assorted Pokémon for the Pokémon franchise, including the highly popular Corviknight for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Now, for something completely different, Ariga’s daughter apparently requested that he create an amabie to defeat coronavirus / COVID-19. So he did! And it’s a Mega Man X-styled Reploid-ish thing named Antivirus Armorviel. Humanity’s true savior is here at last.

Antivirus Armorviel Hitoshi Ariga creates coronavirus Reploid Mega Man X for son Big O Mega Man Megamix Gigamix

According to Wikipedia, an amabie is “a legendary Japanese mermaid or merman with 3 legs, who allegedly emerges from the sea and prophesies either an abundant harvest or an epidemic.” Oddly enough, drawing health-restoring amabie to combat coronavirus has become a trend on Twitter, so it’s not completely out of left field that Ariga’s daughter would request this.

As a matter of principle though, I have to imagine Hitoshi Ariga’s Antivirus Armorviel Reploid is literally far better equipped for the job than any of those other dudes being drawn on Twitter. I mean, for starters, it’s a robot, and “antivirus” is right there in the name! Not even Sigma could infect this bad boy (or girl?).

Tell us what you think of this Mega Man X-esque Antivirus Armorviel and if you think the world is now officially rescued from coronavirus.


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