A Legendary Pokémon appears! For a limited time Pokémon GO players will have the chance to capture Ho-Oh. The Legendary Pokémon will begin to appear in Raid Battles until August 27, and if you’re lucky enough you may encounter its shiny form.

Players also have a new in-game T-shirt to look forward to as well. A free Celebi T-shirt is now available in the Style Shop for your avatars to rock. With Celebi being added to the game just a few days ago and now Ho-Oh, it’s certainly going to be a busy week for Pokémon GO players who want to catch ’em all.

Are you looking forward to capturing Ho-Oh over the next few days? As always discuss down below and let us know which Legendary Pokémon you’d like to appear next.

Veronica Carusi
Hello gamers, I'm a writer currently living in Toronto. I love all things Nintendo, especially the GameCube era and Animal Crossing! If you ever want to chat Nintendo, you've come to the right place.


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