Hollow Knight: Silksong Team Cherry Nintendo Switch

In a forward-looking holiday sign offHollow Knight: Silksong devs Team Cherry teased us a bit about the breadth of enemies and tunes we can expect in the upcoming sequel to their indie Metroidvania hit.

In the blog post, Team Cherry gives us a glimpse at the staggering amount of content they’ve got planned for hollow Knight: Silksong. They showed off the three most recent enemies they designed–evidently bringing the game’s total new bad guy count up to a staggering 165.

Team Cherry also confirmed that the musical score for Hollow Knight: Silksong already sits at thirty tracks, four more than in the first game, with “several still to come.” As a bit of a holiday surprise, the devs also dropped two of those brand new tracks for all of us to enjoy–head over to the blog post itself to give those a listen.

Beyond those exciting new game details, Team Cherry also plugged their current merchandise line-up (including Hollow Knight Piano Collections) and showed off some gifts received from adoring fans.

Are you excited for Hollow Knight: Silksong? As the sequel to one of the Switch’s most beloved indie hits, the game has some mighty big shoes to fill, but at least so far, Team Cherry seems to have things moving along just fine.

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