Hori Split Pad Pro variant colors coming later this year Nintendo Switch joy-Con

It looks like accessory manufacturer Hori is bringing some new officially licensed Split Pad Pro variants to Nintendo Switch. The wider controller functions as a set of Joy-Con only usable when attached to the system. Whilst they don’t support wireless play (or “motion controls, HD rumble, NFC, or IR Camera”), they provide extra comfort and usability for those of us who find the official Joy-Con too small. Following the standard black version, three new colors are coming soon.

Transparent Black, Midnight Blue, and Volcanic Red are the new color variants. I’m not sure how transparent the new black version actually is as the pictures don’t show it off well. I am partial to any sort of transparent accessories though, so I’m intrigued. Midnight Blue looks like a standard dark blue setup, and Volcanic Red reminds me of the official Mario Odyssey Joy-Con set.

HORI split pad pro

These all look pretty neat, and it’s always nice to have some controller variation. The Hori Split Pad Pro is a great accessory for handheld players. I’ve used one for a while now, and the setup helps massively for any hand cramps experienced from using Joy-Con with Nintendo Switch. They also contain a proper D-pad, turbo functionality, and programmable buttons on the rear, providing extra functionality too. These new colors are set to launch Sept. 7, according to listings on Amazon.

Will you be picking one of these up?


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