Hori mario d-pad joy-con Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L Mario D-pad Hori

Hori just keeps on producing more and more third-party accessories for Nintendo Switch users. Hori’s latest is a brand new left Joy-Con, complete with a Mario-themed design and a proper D-pad. It’s scheduled to launch this November for the reasonable price of $24.99, and a preorder page is up on Amazon.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these third-party left Joy-Con come equipped with a D-pad. Hori has released several variants in the past, including Zelda, Pokémon, and alternate Mario designs, providing D-pad options for handheld players. Sadly, part of the reason these only clock in at $24.99 is a lack of features. Outside of dedicated handheld play, they’re pretty useless as these don’t support wireless connectivity, gyro controls, or HD rumble.

Hori mario d-pad joy-con Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L Mario D-pad Hori

They look nice though, and this new design is more obviously Mario than Hori’s previous Joy-Con effort. The announcement comes shortly after a huge range of Pokémon accessories was revealed by Hori last week.

The Pokémon accessory range consists of everything from Pro Controllers to Switch Lite cases. The designs are varied too, with more subtle Pikachu themes sitting alongside bright and colorful Pokémon designs. That range starts shipping next month too.

The new Mario-themed D-pad Joy-Con from Hori launches Nov. 23 for standard Nintendo Switch systems.


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