Stories Untold

If you’re a fan of mysterious stories, No Code and Devolver Digital are teaming up to bring you a spectacular treat next week in the form of Stories Untold. Stories Untold provides the player with 4 short adventure tales, ranging from the text-based “The House Abandon,” to the point-and-click “The Lab Conduct.” If you haven’t heard of No Code, I wouldn’t blame you, though there are some big names behind the studio including Jon McKellan (UI artist for Alien: Isolation).

Given that Stories Untold was originally a PC game, No Code had to make some changes to the control scheme in order to make it work on Switch. Let’s face it, inputting free text on the Switch would be a pain. Instead, No Code has added a new input system so you can select inputs from a growing list of choices. This change also had the great side effect of allowing the game to be localized into 11 languages (including French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese) for the first time!

I played Stories Untold last year through Steam and loved every moment of it. Each tale in the anthology provides unique gameplay and a fun, well-crafted story across a spectrum of genres, which helps keep things fresh. The overarching 80’s visuals and soundtrack was masterfully crafted and really heightened the experience. It’s quite possibly one of the best adventure games I’ve ever played.

If you’ve not experienced Stories Untold yet, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m curious to see how the new additions to the game work out for Switch, but I won’t have to wait long to find out. Stories Untold launches for Nintendo Switch next Thursday, January 16th.



Steven Rollins
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