Sumo Digital Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Nottingham Hotshot Racing brings Outrun retro racing action to Switch next month Big Boss

Hotshot Racing was announced earlier this year, and it looks an absolute riot. Developers Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Nottingham have just revealed when we can go hands-on with it too. This Outrun-style racer screams onto Nintendo Switch on Sept. 10 and may be a real treat for retro racing fans.

Featuring low-poly graphics and a blistering 60 FPS, Hotshot Racing hearkens back to an older time. Its emphasis on arcade racing and manic drifting is also a throwback and is where the game draws its Outrun comparisons. Thankfully, Hotshot Racing does come with plenty of modern enhancements too. It supports multiple single-player championships and 8-player online game modes, alongside classic 4-player local split-screen. The release date trailer gives us a glimpse at the game in action.

Hotshot Racing began life as a Kickstarter project called Racing Apex by Lucky Mountain Games, before Sumo Nottingham got involved. The Sumo team helped bring the game to life, after working on other hit racing titles like Outrun 2 and the Sonic Racing series. Thankfully, the team is already looking beyond the initial release date as well. Trevor Ley of Lucky Mountain Games said, “We have plans for this game past launch,” a promising sign for the future.

Hotshot Racing launches Sept. 10 on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

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