Sumo Digital Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Nottingham Hotshot Racing brings Outrun retro racing action to Switch next month Big Boss

Hotshot Racing, the arcade racer inspired by classics like Outrun and Virtua Racing, has just received some free DLC. The Big Boss Bundle (no, not that Big Boss) has arrived, bringing new tracks, championships, race types, and more. New DLC was announced a few months back, and a trailer now gives us a first glimpse.

As with any racing game, new courses are a major DLC addition. Hotshot Racing is getting four new arenas to race around: Frozen Freeway, Cargo Chaos, 8 Ball Highway, and Surf City. Hopefully these inject a bit of life into Hotshot Racing, as its initial track variety was probably the weakest aspect of a great racer.

There are a few more bonuses coming along with the new tracks. First off, the tracks themselves form a new Grand Prix, which adds to the four present in the base game. Then a new race type is coming with the Hotshot Racing Big Boss Bundle. Barrel Barrage is a fun party mode where players will have to dodge barrels placed around the course. Additionally, players can carry barrels and fire them at opponents, akin to power-ups in Mario Kart.

The Hotshot Racing Big Boss Bundle is out now for free on Nintendo Switch.

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