Hotshot Racing to get free content post-launch soon physical version launch

Hotshot Racing just dropped on Switch, bringing another arcade racer to the system. However, as with most modern-day games, the developer isn’t moving on just yet. Publisher Curve Digital has confirmed that free post-launch content is coming “soon” to Hotshot Racing.

This support includes additional tracks being added to the game’s existing list. A new mode and a new championship are also confirmed, bringing a nice selection of post-launch content. The finer details have yet to be revealed, but we likely won’t have too long to wait.

Hotshot Racing was announced earlier this year. It aims to provide a proper throwback to arcade racers of old, like Outrun and Daytona USA. The game features low-poly graphics and 60 FPS action on Switch, both of which are key to getting the feel of this high-speed racer just right. Hotshot Racing does come with plenty of modern enhancements too, as it includes multiple single-player championships and 8-player online game modes, alongside classic 4-player local split-screen.

It also reminds me of Horizon Chase Turbo, another recent racer that arrived on Switch. We loved that one back in 2018, so if that’s anything to go by, Hotshot Racing should be a treat. Hopefully the planned post-launch support for Hotshot Racing stretches well into the future.

For more about this game, check out sister site The Escapist’s video review.

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