How to get the Okami Amaterasu Palamute skin in Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise Okami collaboration featuring an Amaterasu Palamute skin is now available in the game, and figuring out how to get it is rather simple.

You can start the event quest by talking to Senri the Mailman and claiming the quest through the Add-on Content option. The quest is called “Rising Sun!?” and unlike the other event quests, it is a Gathering Quest. That means you won’t have to worry about running into large monsters. It’s also a *2 rank quest, so you don’t have to be far in the game to get it.

Monster Hunter Rise Okami collaboration event quest and how to get Amaterasu layered armor
  • Difficulty: *2
  • Event Quest: “Rising Sun!?”
  • Objective: Deliver 21 “Sun Goddess Pictures”
  • Locale: Shrine Ruins
  • Requirement: HR4 or above
  • Time Limit: 50 minutes

Once you acquire the Ammy Palamute Layered Armor, you can use the skin to change your Palamute’s appearance into the Okami Sun Goddess Amaterasu. The costume even features each type of the three Divine instruments from Okami: a Reflector, a Rosary, and a Glaive.

How to get the Okami Amaterasu Palamute skin in Monster Hunter Rise

The Amaterasu layered armor also comes with special effects that change depending on the locale. It even includes the appearance of Amaterasu’s trusty travel companion Issun.

Monster Hunter Rise is available for Nintendo Switch and will launch for PC in early 2022. You can look forward to the next Capcom Collab in August, followed by two more this fall.


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