Human: Fall Flat adds new Factory level to consoles

Human: Fall Flat adds new Factory level

Today Curve Digital announced that Human: Fall Flat has received the new Factory level on all consoles. This level looks absolutely mental. It’s a huge conveyor system that’s held up somewhere in space. No one knows what it’s constructing, but it’s a colossal hazard, making it perfect for multiplayer mayhem.

The Human: Fall Flat Factory level actually released for PC back in May. The level was the joint-winner of the 2019 Worldwide Workshop Competition. Factory features conveyor belts, gears, a few crane puzzles, and loads of chances to throw yourself off the edge of the map.

The fact that this level was built by someone in the game’s community is really impressive. You can see in the video above that there are some incredibly intricate mechanics for moving around Factory. For example, you need to grab and ride a gear wheel through a tiny gap in the ceiling in order to progress to the next floor.

Human: Fall Flat is usually $14.99, but it’s currently discounted on the Nintendo eShop. If you purchase the game before Aug. 21, you can get it for just $7.49. You can also bet that the game will see future content updates given how many the developers have already provided since launch.


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