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Hunting Simulator 2 launches on Nintendo Switch today, Oct. 15, digitally and at retail. It’s been a four-month wait since the sequel arrived on other systems, and Hunting Simulator 2 attempts to expand on the first game in a few key ways. Publisher Nacon notes changes to the visual makeup of the game and some key under-the-hood improvements.

In regards to visuals, the team says it has “completely redesigned” the graphics to improve immersion levels across its U.S. and European locations. The sound effects have been altered too, which will hopefully make for a better hunting experience. These front-end changes are set to combine with a new AI system for more realistic animal behavior.

Nacon says that the artificial intelligence for each animal species in Hunting Simulator 2 has seen “significant” work. This is to recreate a more realistic hunting experience, where certain animals react in different ways. We haven’t seen how this plays out just yet, but this sounds like a good direction for the series.

There’s a new UI too, where players can access over 70 weapons and accessories, along with 90 branded clothing items. We’re not sure why the brand of clothes matters, but apparently it does to hunting enthusiasts. There are some familiar firearm manufacturers included though, like Winchester and Browning.

Will you be escaping it all for a virtual hunting trip on Nintendo Switch with Hunting Simulator 2?

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