HyperX ChargePlay Quad

I didn’t need another pair of Joy-Cons. I really didn’t. The only reason I bought those neon yellow controllers was that they looked so dang nice. Now, due to my foolish spending habits, I’m left in the awkward position of always having two extra Joy-Cons lying around. As their batteries drain, so too does my patience whenever I need to swap them around and place the dying devices onto my Switch so they can recharge. It’s a cumbersome headache that I’ve wanted to be free from for months. Now, thanks to HyperX and their ChargePlay Quad, my soul is finally unburdened.

The HyperX ChargePlay Quad itself is pretty compact. It’s just a hair bigger than the palm of my hand, and it doesn’t weigh a whole lot either. It’s an easy thing to toss into your bag if you’re heading to a tournament venue or going on a trip and need a good way to charge your Joy-Cons. The device only comes with a single micro-USB to USB cable, though, which seemed odd to me. If I wasn’t plugging this into a power outlet, then what was I doing with it? To my absolute surprise, the charger plugs right into your Nintendo Switch dock via any of the USB ports.

HyperX ChargePlay Quad

I was concerned that the Nintendo Switch dock wouldn’t provide enough power to be able to solidly charge the Joy-Cons I’d be putting into the charger, but those concerns were quickly dissuaded. Each Joy-Con I placed into the HyperX ChargePlay snapped into place with a soft and satisfying click, while also causing a piece of the middle LED ring on the charging unit to start glowing in front of whichever port had a Joy-Con plugged into it. When the controller is charging, the light softly breathes in and out. Once the device is fully charged, the ring-light stays a solid hue until you remove the Joy-Con. While charge-times aren’t rapid, I found that even with all four slots charging at the same time, my controllers managed to reach a full charge within a couple of hours.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the HyperX ChargePlay Quad. The small size makes it easy to justify having it occupy space on my desk, and the fact that it plugs directly into the Nintendo Switch is a huge convenience. There’s no other way I’d rather charge my Joy-Cons than with this charging stand from now on.

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