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I Am Dead, the upcoming puzzle adventure game from Hollow Ponds, Richard Hogg, and publisher Annapurna Interactive, has settled on a final release date of Oct. 8 for Nintendo Switch and PC. A new trailer showcases a closer look at some of the locales and puzzles you will experience as Morris Lupton, the curator of the island of Shelmerston’s museum. However, Lupton recently died (hence the title), and he and his dog Sparky are tasked with solving ancient mysteries to stop a volcano from erupting and destroying the island. It’s a unique premise with a striking, attractive art style to go with it.

Gameplay-wise, the major differentiator of I Am Dead is that puzzles involve delving inside of objects in real time to observe aspects that might otherwise be hidden. That might be a little hard to understand just from reading about it, but the trailer shows you pretty simply what it’s like. Lupton will also interact with other ghosts in order to collect information. One of his ultimate goals is to find a replacement for the “Custodian,” the being who had been keeping the island volcano dormant till now.

Nintendo Enthusiast had the opportunity to interview I Am Dead Director Ricky Haggett of Hollow Ponds and Artist & Designer Richard Hogg back in July, so check that out if you’re interested to learn more about the game ahead of its Oct. 8 launch on Switch, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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