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As we’ve reported, the Nintendo Indie World showcase had the usual broad showing of games today. But it’s completely beyond debate that the game with the best title announced today is I Am Dead, a puzzle adventure game from publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Hollow Ponds. This developer previously created Hohokum and Wilmot’s Warehouse, the latter of which released on Nintendo Switch in August of last year, so this team clearly knows its way around puzzling. And to sweeten the deal, I Am Dead will be a timed console exclusive on Switch when it releases later this year.

The announcement trailer for I Am Dead is pretty soothing and doesn’t involve any chainsaws or hockey masks, so enjoy it at your leisure.

In a nutshell, Morris Lupton died recently but was the museum curator at the island of Shelmerston. He reunites with the ghost of his dog Sparky (which is good), but then he discovers disaster is coming for his island (which is bad). The game is about unraveling Shelmerston’s secrets and stopping a volcano eruption, and helping other island ghosts will somehow contribute to this goal. Morris has a “supernatural X-Ray” that enables him to “peer inside objects and people to reveal their contents and memories.” It’s all perfectly normal stuff.

Would you die for Hollow Ponds’ I Am Dead? I hope not, but all the same, tell us what you think of this game so far.

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