If Found... Nintendo Switch release date October 22 Dreamfeel Annapurna Interactive new features narrative game queer Kasio

Developer Dreamfeel and publisher Annapurna Interactive have announced that If Found… is headed to Nintendo Switch on Oct. 22, after having found critical success on PC this past May. In a nutshell, it is a narrative game and “a powerful and introspective exploration of family, friendship, isolation, and connection as players explore the story of Kasio, a young queer woman reliving her coming-of-age memories in 1990s Ireland.

If Found… will see some additions as it lands on Nintendo Switch. New accessibility options, touchscreen support in handheld mode, and new artwork from illustrator Liadh Young will make the game more readily playable. Additionally, the story itself will see extended sequences, a bonus chapter, and several new interactive epilogues for each individual character. The story of Kasio is about to come to life in a fuller way.

To punctuate the Nintendo Switch announcement, If Found… has received a new official lyric video from Sierra Leonean musician Loah and composer 2 Mello. It definitely emphasizes the dreamy, eclectic feeling of the game, allowing it to stand out even from other narrative-based experiences on Switch, like Annapurna Interactive’s Florence.

If you’d like a (slightly) better idea of what playing Dreamfeel’s If Found… is actually like, check out the launch trailer below for the PC version of the game from earlier this year. Oct. 22 will be an interesting day, between the launch of this game and Torchlight III.

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