Ikaruga is one of the greatest shoot-’em-ups ever made, and it fits wonderfully on Switch. At this point in time, the title is only available digitally via the eShop. All that is about to change soon, though. The game will be receiving a physical release on September 24 in Japan. The west will also get Ikaruga in the cartridge-based format before the end of 2020. And I hope we get the same goodies Japan is because they are a sight to behold.

Have a little piece of Ikaruga by your side at all times

Have a gander at what our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun will be obtaining at launch:

To recap, Japan is acquiring:

  • The game
  • A cool box with sweet artwork
  • Reversible cover
  • Full-color instruction book
  • Metal Earth 3D model

All the above will run you 4500 yen ($42 bucks).

Out of everything shown, I want the Metal Earth 3D model the most. Just so I can hold and fly it around my bedroom making laser sounds.

Publisher Nicalis sent the following tweet out regarding the western launch but did not say if we would be getting the same items as Japan:

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up the physical edition of Ikaruga? Any chance you will import the Japanese version if the west doesn’t get any extras? Let us know below.

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