Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time crossover trailer Ubisoft Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft is releasing Immortals Fenyx Rising on Nintendo Switch and every other active platform under the sun on Dec. 3, and the developer is starting to get, uh, creative(?) with the advertising. It today released an Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time crossover trailer, which feels awfully random considering that cartoon largely ended two years ago (though it is coming back in specials on HBO Max). In any case, this is a thing that exists now, and if the video game wasn’t on your radar before, maybe it will be now that it’s being presented inĀ Adventure Time cartoon format.

Does this Immortals Fenyx Rising Adventure Time crossover hype you to play the game? I’ve never seen the cartoon, so for me, the answer is no. However, Ubisoft’s unique fusion of Greek mythology and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay mechanics certainly looks like a lot of fun regardless, and I really hope the developer sticks the landing. High-quality open-world adventures with a unique hook are always welcome, especially on Nintendo Switch, and gameplay of the Switch version seemed pretty promising.

Is this game part of your end-of-the-year plans, and if so, what platform do you intend to grab Immortals Fenyx Rising on?


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