A small matter, maybe, but Europe still is without the Nintendo TVii service that has been enjoyed by our American and Japanese counterparts since last December. Is this about to change?

As someone who really wants to see what the service will become in Europe, or, more specifically, the UK, I have been periodically checking the application in the Wii U to see if it just randomly became active.  Every attempt has been unsuccessful; then, today, I got the April update. Although it hasn\’t brought the functionality of the service it has done something else. Music now plays when trying to load!


We know this service should be drastically different in the UK than it is in the US, because of differences in culture and viewing platforms.  Should we see integration of free on demand services like BBC iPlayer, Demand5 or 4oD? I certainly hope so as the amalgamation of these services would make them a much more usable platform through my TV than through an internet browser. Film4oD, Netflix and LOVEFiLM should take up the movie streaming aspect of the platform, with LOVEFiLM being the UK counterpart of Amazon Instant.

Lets hope we dont have to wait much longer to explore all the possibilities\"lovefilm-logo_size_9\" and find out any other hidden surprises! Maybe integration with Virgin Media’s Tivo box or the competing YouView services. Who knows.


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