Usually, mobile games are not the type I like to play. While graphics for mobile games have grown leaps and bounds over the past 5 years, the lack of traditional controls has always soured me on mobile gaming. Implosion was a game that looked really cool when I saw it was coming to the Switch, and I was surprised to hear that it was initially a mobile game. While I was interested in the game, the fears of mobile-like controls, or just sloppy controls in general, made me a bit worried about the outcome of the game. So how did it turn out?

Honestly, it’s a surprisingly good well and tight game. Implosion is a hack-n-slash game that will remind some of Ninja Gaiden or Metal Gear Revengence, and it almost feels like a game that Platinum Games would make if it they were a smaller indie studio.

Implosion has a story that plays out like a classic sci-fi movie: Aliens invade Earth, causing humans to leave. After coming back to Earth, things aren’t what they seem, and the humans must eliminate the enemy presence to make things right again. The game features full voice acting, which is surprisingly VERY well done, and the story transitions through comic-book style cutscenes. The story is simply a vessel to keep the gameplay going, but it was interesting enough to pay attention, albeit a bit shallow, and the excellent voice acting made it enjoyable to follow along.

Considering the fact that Implosion is a mobile game being ported to the Nintendo Switch, I was surprised at the quality of the graphics in the game. Implosion moves brisk and fast, and the engine used in the game never seems to falter with the action going on in the game. No signs of slowdown are to be seen, and there are’s even some destructible objects things in the environment as well. Enemies are big and vibrant, all with unique styles of movement, special attacks look nice and fancy, and some of the boss battles are a gorgeous sight to behold. Considering this is a low-budget indie game, I was pleasantly surprised with the graphical variety in the game.

Of course, none of this matters at all if the controls are they butchered the controls, which was my initial worry for of the game. Thankfully, within the first minute of the game you realize this is a non-issue, as the game has surprisingly tight controls. Controlling your character is a breeze. Movement is with one analog stick, and the second analog stick allows you to control the trajectory of acts as a the sub-weapon gun that you control the trajectory of the shots by pointing it in a direction. “X” and “Y” are your attack buttons, and “B” is used to roll out of enemy fire. Everything is responsive,  and makes the gameplay fast and fluid.

What’s more is the deep customization system for your character allows you to to play in a style that you prefer. Killing enemies or opening boxes will give you more abilities for that you can dispense to your character. While the abilities are great, I do wish that things were a bit more clear as to what the abilities do. Every ability impacts other abilities as well, but besides a percentage meter that shows a gain (or loss) in a certain area, it doesn’t really say how tell your character will be impacted. It requires a good bit of trial and error, and probably could have been fixed with some more in-depth explanation.

Another thing that may be a turnoff for some players is the way the game plays out with levels. As this was a mobile game, the pick up and play design was kept in mind, so many levels are pretty short. Thankfully, there are a bunch of levels, and additional bonus content as well to keep the game lasting, but sometimes it feels like you finally get into a nice groove in a level just for it to end abruptly.

As a whole though, Implosion really surprised me. It looked like it would be a Metal Gear Revengence-style game from an indie developer, and that’s pretty much how it played out. It looks good, plays great, and is a very solid and affordable title for the Nintendo Switch. If you are looking for something a bit darker and faster paced on the Switch, Implosion is a solid choice.




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