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Publisher Fellow Traveller and one-man development studio Jump Over the Age have announced that narrative adventure In Other Waters will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on April 3 for $14.99. Switch preorders begin today and come with a 10% discount, and this discounted offer will remain in effect through April 10.

What In Other Waters actually is is more difficult to explain. You play as an AI assistant helping xenobiologist Ellery Vas locate her missing partner on the planet Gliese 677Cc, which has a massive alien ocean to explore and deep-dive into. But if you’re expecting open-world gameplay and giant alien sharks to fist fight — think again. The game seems to be largely menu-based, helping Ellery navigate, and the relationship between Ellery and the AI will be a major focus of the game.

Here are what Fellow Traveller and Jump Over the Age promise for In Other Waters:

  • Explore an Alien Ocean: Freely dive into an expansive section of seafloor, from shimmering reefs to inky depths. Unlock upgrades and make discoveries that allow you to open up new paths, uncovering strange creatures and environments as you do.
  • See the World Through an AI Lens: Navigate an elegant, intuitive UI via touch or mouse controls. Interpret signals, set headings, and map the ocean through experimentation and intuition.
  • Become a Xenobiologist: Discover and catalogue species through observation, scanning, taking samples, and interacting with alien life. Read Ellery’s notes, look at her sketches, and help her classify an entirely new ecosystem.
  • Plan Your Dives: Choose whether to study creatures, investigate secrets or dive new areas, then come back to your base to study samples in the lab, chat to Ellery or read her journals to understand more about this world.
  • Build a Lasting Relationship: Through limited communication learn more about the person whose suit you inhabit, and help guide her towards a terrible truth. What you experience together will bring you closer.

This game is the creation of solo developer Gareth Damian Martin, who has explained the game and its development in his own words at sister site The Escapist.

What do you think of In Other Waters so far? Don’t forget that you have the option of waiting for previews and reviews post-release, since the preorder discount will continue for a week after release.

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