Bounty Battle

There’s some spicy ongoing debate over whether or not Super Smash Bros. should eventually add an indie character as a full-fledged playable fighter (rather than just Mii costumes, as awesome as some of them are), but Bounty Battle takes matters into its own hands with a completely indie roster. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play it – it’s initial release date of July 16 has seen a delay to July 23 due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The news stems from a tweet directly from publisher Merge Games.

With over 25 fighters from over 20 indie favorites, plenty of gamers are hopeful that Bounty Battle can properly emulate the fun of the best platform brawlers while shining the spotlight on an entirely new host of characters. While we have to wait a bit longer to play it now, I’m as excited as I have always been. Indie characters are more iconic than ever, and it’s very exciting to see a game that’s all about giving them the attention they deserve.

Are you excited for Bounty Battle? Can you handle waiting an extra week to play it? Arriving on Switch, PC, and other consoles on July 23, Bounty Battle has big shoes to fill in a genre dominated by Super Smash Bros., but I’m hopeful that it can deliver a fun experience with some of my favorite indie heroes.

Andrew Rockett
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