Today’s Indie Corner: Daily Dose is seemingly a Kickstarter affair. There are project updates for Aegis Defenders, Heart Forth Alicia, Night Trap ReVamped, Red Goddess, Shantae: Half Genie Hero & Timespinner. There is also a new Kickstarter campaign, in the form of The Caretaker from Ghost Machine Games, a third-person adventure game set in a graveyard.

Away from crowd-funding there’s some new gameplay footage with developer commentary for MAZE and also some highlights from a Miiverse-based interview with Helix Games, where they discuss Don\’t Touch Anything Red, Altered and a Wii U Media Player in development.

Aegis Defenders – Kickstarter Update

Well, you guys did it. You not only funded our little dream project, but you really put your money where your mouth is and helped us smash our first stretch goal. Achievements are now unlocked for any platforms we release on! A small feature, but one that goes a long way. We’re excited to come up with some fun, wacky achievements for you to shoot for!

The Caretaker – New Kickstarter


 Heart Forth Alicia – Kickstarter Update

One of these new features is the Spellswitcher! But allow me to give you some context before i explain how it works. After getting some friends to sit down and play around with the game, I realized the way the game handled spell-switching wasn’t very convenient in some situations. You were basically given the option to scroll through spells in realtime with two shoulder buttons, or use the Pause Screen to select the desired spell—overkill. This setup lent itself to complications in special situations.

Helix Games




MAZE – New Footage

Night Trap ReVamped – Kickstarter Update

Today we applied to become WiiU developers and publishers. We obviously have no idea whether Nintendo will approve the title for its platform, and our developer has told us that porting the game to a two-screen experience is going to cost approximately $20,000 beyond what we’re already going to spend for the other four platforms we\’re supporting. When we get closer to the end of this campaign, if it looks as if we’re going to succeed, we’ll announce a $20,000 stretch goal, and offer $20 downloads via the Nintendo eShop.

Red Goddess – Kickstarter Update

How would you like to see some in-progress game footage? We\’ve been working very hard and Red Goddess is really advanced, now seems an opportune time for an update on our progress, with a few lovely pieces of concept art. Check it out!

Today we’ve got some art from Divine character. In the previous update we asked about the new design of Divine, after collecting and consider your opinions, we have designed a new Divine, her costume is different, we have improved the suit and the color, the idea is to keep the yellow one, because in the game there is a color code that identifies each of the characters (Divine, Fear and Rage) and their different powers. You can see in this picture, Divine is with white hair, you should wait to start the game to discover why, but not worries… During the game the hair’s color of Divine is going to change.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Backer Update

An error was discovered with our Voting Plug-In that allowed multiple votes. We\’re relaunching the vote w/ an additional 4th design! #SHGH

— WayForward (@WayForward) August 16, 2014

Timespinner -New Footage

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