Today’s Indie Corner Daily Dose is a rather large affair including several new game announcements and trailers!

Up first we have Syrenne McNulty from 4 Corner Games revealing that her next game will be revealed in August. Nothing is currently known about the game, except that it is not her previously announced game MMM, and there’s yet to be any confirmation on platform. Wii U eShop stalwarts EnjoyUp continue their strong support with the announcement that 99Moves is making it’s way to Wii U after it’s original DSiWare debut.  As for the previously mentioned trailers we have the European trailer for the recently announced Midtown Crazy Race as well as a teaser trailer for Two Tribe’s new game, code-named \’R\’. Dahku Creations have confirmed that Soon Shine has been approved by Nintendo so a release date will be announced shortly, but coming in with some bad news is the Kickstarter for The Wild Wild Pixel has sadly failed to reach it’s base goal. The final update comes from Zen Studios who have announced an incoming Wii U announcement next week, on a Facebook post discussing new Guardians of the Galaxy pinball boards.


4 Corner Games

I would like to announce my next game within the month of August. The artwork (and possibly even name) will be non-final, however.

— 4 Corner Games (@4CornerGames) July 27, 2014

The game is not part of the \”I\’ve Got to\” IP, nor is it a platformer. I am not discussing platforms or release windows, ESP. pre-announce. — 4 Corner Games (@4CornerGames) July 27, 2014


EnjoyUp´s development: 99Moves first screenshot WiiU version @unity3d @Dan_Adelman #eShop #WiiU @NintendoAmerica

— EnjoyUp (@enjoyupgames) July 28, 2014

Midtown Crazy Race

Soon Shine


Soon Shine has been approved by Nintendo! Should have a release date soon, but in the meantime check out the trailer! — Dahku Creations (@dahkucreations) July 28, 2014

The Wild Wild Pixel

For now, the project will have to be put on ice. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to complete our journey through The Valley and beyond, and really do it justice. We do want to highlight this though: WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE! With Cannon Crasha and the Wild Wild Pixel in our track record, Fabraz is far from done. We’ll be back soon enough, and you will be the first to hear about it! Again, thank you for your phenomenal support; You guys are the best! We look forward to when we meet again, and hope you’ll share the same enthusiasm as that on display for The Wild Wild Pixel.

Two Tribes \’R\’

Zen Studios

Alejandro Balderas
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