Knapknok games have released a teaser for their Wii U exclusive collaboration with Nifflas, Affordable Space Adventures. Elsewhere, two new Kickstarter campaigns launch, one for Risin\’ Goats A Rite From The Stars and the other is the relaunch of Graphite Lab’s Hive Jump. Zen Studios have also teased that they have more news in store for Wii U owners soon too! Nocturnal games have spoken about the sales of the HD remake of their WiiWare game, Flowerworks: Follie’s Adventure. With a name that is bound to get confused, Shapes of Grey gets announced as the latest Wii U puzzle game due in 2015 and Arcane Pixel reveal a new trailer of their Wii U eShop game, Tiny Galaxy.


Affordable Space Adventures

A Rite From The Stars

Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure

  • US sales started strongly, but tailed off rapidly after the initial launch sale ended
  • EU release is outselling the US lifetime figures by 50% within 3 weeks.
  • Total sales are now closing in on 50%of original’s lifetime sales.
  • Free demo, including three levels and tutorial due in October.

Hive Jump

Lone Survivor

\”We\’re not adding any new content to Lone Survivor, as we added such a huge amount when we originally made the Director’s Cut edition for PlayStation last year, but we\’ll have all the content in from the start and we\’re making full use of the GamePad.\”

Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails

Shapes of Grey

Shapes of Gray is a fast-paced, stripped-down arcade game where you descend through a series of seconds-long levels, with a unique combat-puzzle in each one. I’ve heard it described as “the WarioWare of Dark Souls,” which I think is fitting.  For example, one level might pit your gray blob against two highly-explosive circles and an almighty square, who can only be defeated by slashing the weak point on his back. You could take care the two circles separately and then maneuver around to the square’s backside–but with only a few seconds to clear the level, wouldn’t it be smarter (and faster!) to bat one of the circles into the square to destroy him in the ensuing explosion?

  • Due out early 2015
  • New modes, levels, and unlockables
  • Off-TV play and Miiverse support

Tiny Galaxy

Zen Studios

Actually, we will have some very big Wii U news very soon. This is a difficult platform to support from a technology standpoint. Simple patches are not simple. New content additions are not easy due to the way the system is set up. We are committed to supporting Wii U. Again, please look for an announcement in the coming weeks. Thanks for supporting Zen Studios.

Alejandro Balderas
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