Today’s Indie Corner Daily Dose is a rather large offering so it has been split into three easy-to-read sections. The first section is the standard indie news section which includes a dev blog update from Witch Beam about Assault Android Cactus. Snowcastle Games gives a small update about Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Hugo Smits from Goodbye Galaxy Games reveals the first image from his top-secret Wii U FPS and a trailer is released for the first Oddworld New N Tasty DLC. Finally there are two pieces of news from RCMADIAX, a brand new game announcement, and the reveal that a previously announced game has been delayed.

Next up are two videos showing Alpha gameplay footage from Road Redemption and The Last Penelope, the latter looking particular beautiful and jaw dropping –  a must for any F-Zero fans out there!

Finally we have a burgeoning Kickstarter specific section with a whopping six project updates, four of which are currently seeking funding – get backing people, some of these games are awesome!

Indie News

Assault Android Cactus

Cactus, our games namesake, sports the classic Vulcan-style machine gun. Fast, precise – and once it’s levelled up – able to tear apart pretty much anything. Her secondary weapon is the flamethrower, a short range, high damage weapon that burns through packs of enemies and puts big dents in boss health bars. Holly‘s Seeker uses homing bullets – they lack punch but are easy to use and backed up by a slow travelling but destructive Cannonball to smash through enemy lines. Lemon uses the classic Spreadshot, when upgraded it has the most screen coverage in the entire game, and her four shot rocket launcher makes short work of tougher enemies.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Prototyping and iterating new combat system, concept art for new areas being made, new features coming almost daily! Yay! #Earthlock

— SnowCastle Games (@snowcastlegames) August 11, 2014

Goodbye Galaxy Games Secret Wii U FPS


Oddworld New N Tasty – Alf’s Escape DLC


Spikey Walls


Just when you thought the Wii U eShop couldn\’t get more \”appy\”, leave it to RCMADIAX to take it up a notch and develop a game so APP-MAZING! The new title is called SPIKEY WALLS, and many of you will recognize it as a popular spin-off of the famous \”Flappy Bird\” games that are dominating the mobile app stores these days. SPIKEY WALLS uses the state-of-the-art precision of the Wii U GamePad’s physical buttons versus the lag of a mobile devices touch screen. You will enjoy hours of fun trying to score the highest and brag on Miiverse when you\’re finished each session. To make it easier to keep track of your highest attempt, RCMADIAX developed an in-house, state-of-the-art, \”HIGHSCORE\” tracker you can see right on the title screen. \”WOW\”! SPIKEY WALLS is currently awaiting testing at Nintendo of America for release in September or October for the flappy-tastic price of just $0.99!


Toss N Go


@kitroplious moved to October. — RCMADIAX (@rcmadiax) August 11, 2014

Alpha Footage

Road Redemption

The Last Penelope


Kickstarter Campaigns

Aegis Defenders

With 22 days to go, we are well on our way to taking Aegis Defenders into the stratosphere! We\’re pushing rapidly towards our first set of stretch goals, we broke into the Top 30 on Greenlight and we learned, painfully, how to livestream! Let’s have another killer week!

Enchanted Kingdom

Hive Jump


\”These broken chains once bound a human slave. The practice of slavery is strictly forbidden within the Human Systems Alliance (H.S.A.) which assembled the J.U.M.P Corps, but several outlaw colonies known as ‘dark colonies,’ still use this practice for … unsavory purposes.\”

Jenny LeClue

AHHHHH! Words cannot begin to express how overwhelmed with love and support and joy we are right now. All the tears, all the love, all the thank yous in the world to our amazing old friends, new friends, family, and everyone who has believed in us! 

Ninja Pizza Girl

Thanks everyone for your support! You guys rock! But before we start dancing on tables, we have a rather urgent question. Would everyone be okay with us shuffling the stretch goals around so that Includification is next? If we\’re only going to hit one stretch goal, that’s the one we want to hit. But we don\’t want to make the change without your approval. What do you all think?

The Adventures of Pip


10 days till the kickstarter 19 days till PAXPrime! Who needs sleep! #PAXPrime #kickstarter #AdventuresofPip — Tic Toc Games (@TicTocGames) August 10, 2014



Twin Souls

The Kickstarter was unsuccessful and so we didn’t get any funds from it, but Lince Works (and Twin Souls) is still alive and kicking. We are seeking private and public investment to keep us afloat until we can launch the game, and that means knocking at the door of banks and government financial branches. We are committed to develop and finish Twin Souls, so we won’t give in to the first obstacle in the way. There’s a hard road in front of us, but we are ready to do everything we can to reach the end of it. 

Alejandro Balderas
AKA Juegos Magicos. "You killed my father. Prepare to die."


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