There’s a ton of video footage coming out of Gamescom in today’s Indie Corner: Daily Dose; Affordable Space Adventures, Beatbuddy, Rex Rocket, Swords & Soldiers II, Teslagrad & Tetrobot & Co. It’s not all just footage today as RCMADIAX reveals that development of Toss N Go is almost complete, Mobot Studios\’ Paper Monsters Recut has been submitted to Nintendo and Fuzzy Wuzzy Games are set to have a live interview on Miiverse starting on Monday.

There are also two indie developers who made headlines this week with negative news for Wii U owners who have now had a change of mind. Night Trap LLC have had an embarrassing change of heart, first declaring how their game would never release on a Nintendo platform, to confirming that it in fact could quite possible should it receive it’s funding. Secondly Red Thread Games announced during the week that after receiving a back-hander from Sony, their game Dreamfall Chapters would now be a Playstation-exclusive. They\’ve now announced plans to bring a different game to the Wii U, one that could possible \”suit the platform better\”. Red Thread need to choose their words more carefully, as Nintendo gamers we do quite enjoy \”3D adventure games with emphasis on character interaction, exploration of the game world, and puzzle solving\”

Affordable Space Adventures


Join me and @ArmilloGame co-creator Yanni in an interview exclusively on Miiverse! Starts Monday! #IndieJourney RT!

— ?WiiU Stats? (@WiiUStats) August 15, 2014


Night Trap ReVamped


We hope to announce tomorrow that wiiU owners may indeed be able to acquire copies of Night Trap ReVamped. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your support, comments and questions…


Paper Monsters Recut

Paper Monsters Recut #WiiU is done / submitted. Release date coming. Sorry to keep you all waiting #eShop #gamedev RT — James (@MobotStudios) August 14, 2014

Red Thread Games

.@parakarry64 We would love to make a WiiU game. Something that fits the platform better than #Dreamfall #Chapters. We have some ideas!

— Red Thread Games (@RedThreadGames) August 14, 2014

Rex Rocket

Swords & Soldiers II


Tetrobot & Co

Toss N\’ Go


Should have #TossNGo finished this weekend also. Aiming for a 10/16 release depending on when #Bayonetta2 launches. — RCMADIAX (@rcmadiax) August 14, 2014

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