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The rumors of a Nintendo Direct have borne fruit. The Nintendo UK YouTube channel has dropped an Indie Highlights video that covers a whopping 16 Switch titles–some of which are for release now! Here’s a brief rundown of every game discussed.

Night Call - Indie Highlights

Night Call, by Raw Fury, is a narrative noir game. You’re a cabbie who helps the police investigate potential serial killers. The game will release in early 2019.

Monster Boy - Indie Highlights

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, by FDG Entertainment, is a beautiful hand-drawn 2D sidescroller where you play as a few different characters, like a human warrior, a pig man, and a frog dude. The visuals are definitely the main draw here. It releases for Nintendo Switch on November 6.

The Gardens Between - Indie Highlights

In The Gardens Between, by The Voxel Agents, you control time to solve puzzles. The art is stylized 3D, and although the environments wrap around each other, it seems like characters mostly walk left and right two-dimensionally. It releases on September 20.

Streets of Rogue - Indie Highlights

Streets of Rogue, by tinyBuild, sounds exactly like what its punny name would imply. It’s a game where you beat people up in the streets, but with procedurally generated environments. For some reason, watching this one reminded me a bit of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, maybe because of its random and peculiar weapons. The game promises action and stealth both, and it will release in winter 2018.

Bad North - Indie Highlights

Bad North, by Raw Fury, is a real-time tactics rogue-like about fighting off vikings and the like. It is available… right now! Go check it out, if you care. (Rogue-like isn’t my cup of tea.)

11 bit studios displayed its own highlight reel of Switch games in development. The first, with Digital Sun, is Moonlighter, a very Zelda-esque game with an attractive 2D style. It will arrive in autumn 2018. Next is This War of Mine, a sidescroller with a gritty 3D art style in urban environments and some semblance of a story. It will arrive in November 2018. Lastly, with Dead Mage, is Children of Morta, yet another very attractive 2D action adventure. It will arrive in early 2019.

Everspace - Indie Highlights

Everspace: Stellar Edition is a “fast-paced rogue-like space shooter” by Rockfish Games, and you can play the game from first- and third-person perspectives. Basically, if you’re down for more space combat, then you’ll probably like this game. It will arrive in December 2018.

Baba Is You - Indie Highlights

Baba Is You, by Hempuli, is a game where you create your own rules in order to solve puzzles in over 100 levels. It comes out in autumn 2018.

Slay the Spire - Indie Highlights

Slay the Spire, from Megacrit Games/Humble Bundle, is headed to Switch with Joy-Con and touch controls. It’s already sold over 1 million copies elsewhere, so you might be familiar with this card-based combat game. It releases for Switch in early 2019.

Windjammers 2 - Indie Highlights

Windjammers, from Dotemu, will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 23. But the bigger news is that a new Windjammers 2 is coming as well in 2019. No gameplay footage has been revealed yet though.

Terraria is randomly announced to be coming to Switch in 2019. Okay.

Prison Architect - Indie Highlights

Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, from Double Eleven and Introversion Software, is another game that is exactly what it sounds like. Want to be a prison warden? Then check out this game! It includes two expansions of the game, “All Day and a Night” and “Psych Ward,” among other features. This game is available to download right now, with an “Escape Mode” able to buy as an expansion later in summer.

Morphies Law - Indie Highlights

Morphies Law, from Cosmoscope, is a game where shooting each other makes one person’s body smaller and the other person’s body larger. This game has been garnering positive buzz for a while. It has 4v4 online multiplayer, up to 8-person local multiplayer, and offline play against bots. The game releases at 6:00 p.m. UK time, which should mean 1:00 p.m. EST!

Which games are you most hyped for out of this Indie Highlights? Let us know if this bundle of games make you even happier to be Switch owner.


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