Bowsette isn’t the only character to get attention lately.

An image from the Super Mario Odyssey artbook revealed Rosalina with an acoustic guitar as if she’s part of an indie band. Instead of her usual princess dress (or tracksuit for Mario Kart) she wears… actual normal clothes. She sports a black sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, cross-shaped earrings and a bracelet, the unofficial uniform for every independent musician. I’m sure if we heard her sing she would have done so with a raspy voice to really sell it.


While she hasn’t become a phenomenon like Bowsette, fans have shown their support and a few have made their own artwork of her. One artist, in particular, paired her with songs you would expect her to sing based on her attire, like Oasis’ Wonderwall and Johnny Cash’s Hurt.

Fan Art

(header image also made by @Mediamaster_127)

One fan pointed out this isn’t even a new hobby for her, sort of.

Could she debut in the future?

Perhaps if Super Mario Odyssey gets a direct sequel, Rosalina could take on a different role, much like Pauline. It seems like there were a lot of ideas left on the cutting room floor, including an official Bowsette/Princess Bowser. So it’s possible (but probably unlikely) that if she appears in the next Mario game she won’t be the usual princess of the cosmos we’ve expected. In the next few days, we could see more strange ideas unearthed and left wondering if they will ever be included. Maybe Wario could have been a greedy businessman in New Donk City. Or perhaps run a gold-mining company, just to make the Mario lore weirder by making Mario Kart stages canon.

What do you think of singer/songwriter Rosalina? Would you want to see an alternative take on her? Are there other characters in the Mario universe that should get a unique twist? Let us know your ideas below!


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