Who fancies a dynamic graphic-adventure/platformer hybrid on their Wii U? Well that’s the plan of first-time developers, Teku Studios.

They\’re just over a week into a month long crowd-funding campaign to create their first game, called Candle, with a funding goal of $40,000. The tentative stretch-goal for the Wii U version is set at $85,000, but co-founder and lead programmer Miguel Vallés confirmed to Nintendo Enthusiast that the game will eventually see Wii U release should it not reach its goal.

\”We would develop Candle for Wii U sooner or later, but we should delay that development until we launched the game and got enough [additional] funding\”

Candle is inspired by classic adventure games such as Out of This World or Flashback, with the gameplay mechanics of Abe’s Odyssey. Teku are keen to stress that they want to maintain a unique title focused on calm puzzle resolution, most of which will be solved with the character’s [Teku] unique ability. Teku is a shaman pupil who has a candle for a hand, which he must prevent from being extinguished.

To find out more about this promising game, head on over to the Kickstarter page, and watch this space for an interview coming soon on Nintendo Enthusiast!


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