Hell IX is not the only game Retromade Games could be bringing to the Wii U eShop! Retromade’s CEO and lead developer Jose A. Gallardo revealed in an interview that the studio is looking to bring their recent game \’Fixie Joe\’ to the Wii U.

Fixie Joe was inspired by classic series such as Mario, Maniac Miner, and Wonderboy, and features Joe, an all-purpose mechanic who happens to be in a spot of bother. Joe is not the best mechanic in the world, so has had to work nights at a big factory. Following a terrible storm, Joe must repair the damage before dawn and his boss turns up!

It’s unclear if Retromade Games plan on adding anything to the Wii U version of Fixie Joe, but we have reached out to the developer for an interview, and will be asking all kinds of questions to find out more about their games!


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