Many Kickstarters have a nostalgia hook, hoping to recapture the magic that gamers felt when they played games twenty years ago. Although these types of projects have been fairly common on Kickstarter, Super World Karts hopes to venture into a relatively unexplored retro game genre: racing. In fact, Super World Karts runs on a 16-bit engine, utilizing a retro mode-7 style. And as of now, the game could be coming to a Wii U near you.

Today, via an update made on the game’s Kickstarter page, the developers of Super World Karts announced a Wii U stretch goal for the game. Originally, the funding amount for the game was set to 16,000 AUD (about $14,500), but now the game will also be coming to the Wii U if it reaches 25,000 AUD (about $22,800). Unfortunately, it seems like this goal is becoming less and less likely, as the Kickstarter currently only stands at 5,295 AUD, or at about 25% of the total funding goal with only ten days to go.

Those interested can visit the official Kickstarter page.

What do you think of the game? Does a nostalgiac 16-bit racer look appealing to you? Would you like to see the game on the Wii U? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.


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