When most people hear of a game seeking funding they usually think of Kickstarter. It is after all, by far the largest and best publicized crowd-funding site out there. There are actually numerous crowd-funding sites out there, who don\’t get as much attention including Indiegogo.
Odallus: The Dark Call is one of the most promising Wii U titles on the site.  Since I did not know much about the game, I decided to reach out to the developer, Joymasher – the team behind Oniken, to find out more about this retro NES-inspired RPG, and why in particular they chose to bring it to Wii U.
Thais Weiller, game designer for Joymasher, answered our questions below. The campaign only has eleven days left to raise the required funds to bring it to Wii U…

Who are Joymasher and how many people are currently working on Odallus?
We have a core group, which is involved in every project, and other artists and developers who are involved in some particular projects. 
The core group includes me -Thais, Danilo and Keyo. Keyo is a programmer and he is doing some of the under-the-hood features on Odallus, I\’m a game designer, but on Odallus I`m mostly making the script, communication and some minor assets. Both Keyo and I, are working on another project. Danilo is the most involved with the project, he created the whole concept, made the engine, art and the level design of the demo. He is the heart of Odallus!
What have your team previously created?
Oniken and some other short free games available from our site. We will release a new short game that we made, with a horror jam this week so stay tuned! 😀
Odallus is described as “a NES inspired exploration game”, but what actually is it, and which games inspired it??
We are all retro-gamers, so we actually draw inspiration from the whole NES era. But it can be said that the most influential games on Odallus, both in design and atmosphere, were Demon`s Crest, Castlevania and Ghosts\’n Goblins!
How long has the game been in development and to which formats?
Around six months now, and we already have almost all of the game mechanics implemented. Art and design still have a long way to go, but we are pretty happy with the pace so far.
As for the formats, that depends on the crowd-funding. At first, on PC. If we don`t reach the \”Mac/Linux version at launch\” we will probably still make them anyway, but they will be released after PC launch. There is also a Wii U and OUYA goal!
Some developers have vowed to bring their game to Wii U despite not reaching the specific stretch goal. Should Odallus for short, could you see this as a possibility?
I`m not able to confirm that yet. To make a long story short, it all depends on if we will be able to remake Odallus in a different engine and if we can get access to a SDK [even if for a short period of time]
There are quite a few indie developers making games for Wii U, how are you going to ensure Odallus stands out?
We don`t make games that just look retro, our games are the whole deal! We aim to emulate the whole retro experience as if the game itself was a product of another time.

You can check out Odallus: The Dark Call on Indiegogo here!

How far into research and development of the Wii U version are you and have you looked into the platforms unique abilities?
That depends on if we succeed in remaking the game in this new engine.
Not yet, we plan to research this more closely as soon as we have more concrete information about the development aspects.
 When could you currently see the Wii U version launching?
Of we succeed in the engine switching, we would be able to release it together or very close to the PC release!
The Wii U has garnered a lot of negative press since it’s launch last year, why did you decide to bring Odallus to the platform?
Nintendo is actually the only company of the three big console companies that is purely game focused, we believe that this is a great advantage, since all Nintendo products are really play-centric. There is also a bit of the nostalgia factor [all of us grew up playing on Nintendo consoles are are really fond of that], but the fact that Nintendo is much more approachable to indies in the WiiU was also one of the deciding factors.
Once development is complete, what’s on the cards next for Joymasher? Do you see additional content being created for Odallus or perhaps a new game entirely?
Yes, me and Keyo are working on it! We can\’t say much for now but if you enjoy Odallus you will probably like this new game too.
 Do you see yourself developing more games for the Wii U or perhaps the 3DS?
Yes, we do. If we had more access to development units, we could even already have more games available on them.
How much would a reader need to pledge to secure a Wii U Key for Odallus? Would you also recommend a certain Perk for anyone who love the games which inspired Odallus?
If we are successful in backing the WiiU development, we will give the option to all backers who have the game as a perk if they prefer to redeem they game on PC/Mac/Linux or WiiU. 
If you look closely, you will realize that our re-skins of the main character Haggis are very similar to some other heroes from the past. If you liked any of them, they are all available separately or in a pack.
Thanks again to Thais, for taking some time to answer our questions, and we wish you the best of luck with the rest of the development for this exciting game!

You can check out Odallus: The Dark Call on Indiegogo here!


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