Organic Panic is the first game from Last Limb and has been five years in the making. It’s just entering it’s final week of it’s Kickstarter campaign, and requires an extra $19,000 to come to Wii U. Last Limb’s co-founder and lead programmer, Damon Branch, has helped us discovered just that little bit more about their exciting debut, Organic Panic…

Firstly, who are Last Limb, and have you worked on anything we may have played before?

Last Limb is basically my brother Anatole and myself [Brandon] working with some freelance friends. We ran a studio in England where we made some GBA/GBC Thunderbirds games and some 3D PC stuff too. At my last company we worked for EA and created games such as Wing Commander and HBO. We also made MLB Stickball for Take 2 amongst others.

Organic Panic will be your first game, how long have you been working on it, and for which platforms?

Organic Panic has been in development for 5 years – I\’m a stay-at-home dad and my brother Anatole has helped support himself by dong freelance gigs along the way so it hasn\’t been full time but we\’ve been working on it nights and weekends from home. My inspiration came from games I liked including Worms but essentially I just wanted to make something I thought would be really fun and that didn\’t exist – the fact that what I wanted to do was really difficult meant it took ages!!

Right now it’s written for PC/Xbox in Direct X so those versions will hopefully be out this year. We\’re in the process a doing a Unity (cross platform) build too so once that’s ready we plan to put it on all the major consoles including PS3 and Wii U, tablets and then phones too.

Over recent years there have been quite a few physics based puzzle games, particularly on Nintendo platforms; like Fluidity, how is Organic Panic unique?
Fluidity is a cool game but it’s certainly different. Organic Panic has entire levels full of fluids interacting with completely destructible worlds so there’s so many possibilities for level creation – that makes Organic Panic unique from anything that’s out there now.
How far into research and development of the Wii U version are you and have you looked into the platforms unique features?
As far as Wii U development we\’ve developed the infrastructure in Unity but nothing beyond that yet. It’s just me doing all the coding so until we can grow a bit it’s difficult to prepare for each platform until the port is ready.

Naturally we plan to take advantage of all the Wii U features

we think it should definitely be one of the most popular platforms for the game because it’s a very chirpy, light hearted/funny game.
I can see that,, which leads me onto my next question. Will there be multi-player fun and will the level editor come packaged with the Wii U version?
There’s co-op mode and we are also developing some versus modes which are local. We have over 100,000 water particles in the game alone, so networking that is not possible.
There’s also lots of single player modes so the adventure mode keeps you on your toes throughout. The level editor will be available on all platforms and we are aiming to build a community where there a loads of cool new levels to play each day.
Why did you decide to bring Organic Panic to the Wii U and how have you found communications with Nintendo?

For us the Wii U is a good platform for the game because it is powerful enough to run the game easily and the audience is also a great match for the type of game it is. We will work with an indie publisher to help us deploy and market it on the the Wii U so we won\’t do that much direct communication with Nintendo.

I\’m already super-excited for this game, it sounds awesome but just when will we be able to get our hands on it? Have you thought about releasing additional content at a later date?

The release date is set for Spring 2014 and we haven\’t worked out all the additional content just yet. This will likely be based on demand from our fans.
What’s next for Last Limb once development is complete? Have you started thinking about a sequel or something else entirely new?
As for the future we just plan to continue developing Organic Panic and use all the technology we\’ve built. A lot of small companies spread themselves too thin trying to do more titles than they can handle so we want to stick to our game and technology and just keep making it better!
I\’d like to thank Brandon for taking some time out his busy schedule to answer our questions, and wish both him and Anatole the best of luck with the remainder of their Kickstarter campaign and development process!


I\’ve already made my pledge, have you?

You can help bring Organic Panic to Wii U by pledging just $12 which will get you the game, the level editor, art pack, wallpapers, in-game backgrounds and character profile pages! 

Visit the Kickstarter page here!


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