Thanks to Nintendo’s Web Framework


After joining Nintendo as a third party game developer using their Web Framework, Andy Ford of Bear Box Media is now announcing his new 2D physics platformer, Internal Invasion, for the Wii U eShop.

Due for release in the next couple of months, Internal Invasion is a product of Nintendo’s recent efforts to bring Construct 2 engine support to Wii U.

Equally as enthusiastic as we are about the Wii U and games in general, Mr. Ford feels that \”it would be great to encourage other aspiring game developers to start creating games, especially for the Wii U.\”

Internal Invasion is a 2D physics based platformer where players control a character through an organism with the goal to locate the cause of a virus and put a stop to it. Players do not have full control over the character, however, and must launch him from cannon to cannon, keeping in mind that he can only survive outside of these devices for mere seconds. To assist them, players can collect pills that will give them the ability to steer the character’s path.

To get the best score on each level (of which there are 50) players must not only use the fewest number of cannon launches, but must also beat the game’s \’par\’ time for each level.

The game is currently expected to be sold on Nintendo’s eShop for £2.99/$4.99.


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