TreeFall Studios has been hard at work on Forbidden Sanctity, but the Kickstarter lost momentum and the project was placed on hold. Fear not though, as the game is far from cancelled, it just needs more help with resources and funding. TreeFall Studios realized the lofty ambitions of the title would need something big to happen in the mean time to help further the studio. With that in mind, TreeFall has introduced a new game that will be released in the next few months, that will not only be a great standalone title, but will help the team with Forbidden Sanctity. With that we introduce you to The Letter.

The Letter is a horror game that has a boy named Michael trying to find his father. His father leaves a strange letter for Michael stating that he is probably already dead by the time he reads this, and it is all Michael has to go on. TreeFall Studios is promising a haunting and scary experience, which we have not seen on the Wii U besides Resident Evil: Revelations and ZombieU. Not many more details are available, but please be sure to watch the trailer and support their IndieGoGo campaign. There are a lot of great rewards, and you can actually purchase the full game for just $10 through the campaign!

Shawn Long
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