Isabelle and Doom Slayer

There are many activities one can engage in while the world is under quarantine. Working through your gaming backlog is one option. Another is to play new titles. And two of the biggest video games to come out during the pandemic are Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal. Gamers are loving all the fanart people have been making featuring Isabelle and Doom Slayer. One talented individual took the idea one step further and created a unique animation featuring the pair.

Isabelle and Doom Slayer better have a mission together in the Switch version of DOOM Eternal

YouTube user, TheDashingDoctorK, provided their own interpretation of what a DOOM/Animal Crossing crossover would look like using Source Filmmaker:

Brilliant. I mean, OF COURSE, Doomguy would hold Isabelle in his arms like a protective father. Also, it isn’t far of a stretch to say he would teach her how to slay the demons of Hell like a professional. She doesn’t even need a gun!

It’s truly amazing what the community has come up with using these unlikely comrades. Hopefully, the efforts will bear fruit one day and these two will cameo in each other’s games.

Enthusiasts, do you love seeing Isabelle and Doom Slayer rip and tear? Let us know how the impressive video made you feel by writing a comment down below!

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