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Isabelle from Animal Crossing has been modded into Resident Evil 3

Animal Crossing Isabelle Resident Evil 3 Capcom Nintendo mod ACNH

The Resident Evil 3 remake launched last week, and already it has been modded in some weird and wonderful ways. One of the most notable mods for the game so far allows you to include Isabelle from the Animal Crossing franchise in it. The results are horrifying to say the least.


As you can see, the mod replaces Jill Valentine’s head with Isabelle’s. The dirt and grime that Jill gets more and more covered in over the course of Resident Evil 3 is even overlaid on Isabelle’s terrifying face. While the face change isn’t that scary by itself, the way that there’s no blending between the two skin tones is. In some ways the mod makes it look like Nemesis has ripped Isabelle’s head off and stuck it onto Jill Valentine’s body. The modder responsible, Crazy Potato, has explained that the mod adds a mask to Jill Valentine, so her head is actually still there and intact.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is proving to be incredibly popular at the moment. Being a game that allows you to escape the negative aspects of self-isolation is great, but I think this mod shows that the fanfare has reached a new peak. I can’t wait to see Nemesis’s character model get replaced by Tom Nook.

If you fancy playing Resident Evil 3 with this mod enabled yourself, check out the mod page.


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