Satoru Iwata, COO and President of Nintendo, made it clear to CVG that his main long term goal is to maintain the stability of Nintendo rather then make a short term fix such as building their first party heavy hitters for other systems.  Many professionals in the gaming industry have seen the failure of lackluster Wii U sales as a tell tale sign that the Big N is on its last legs.  Eidos President Ian Livingstone made a statement in June that he believes Nintendo should have its IP on every platform.

Only 160,000 Wii U consoles were sold between the months of April and June.

\”I would say that people’s expectations of about what will come next from Nintendo is becoming higher and higher.  So we are facing more challenges than ever–that’s true, \” said Iwata.

Iwata said he believes Nintendo is unique because they have both hardware and software developers in the same house of employees which can communicate more freely face to face compared to over the phone or a webcam.  He believes having that acts as the oil that fixes the wheel that squeaks.

For now Iwata has a long road ahead of him trying to maintain better marketing of the Wii U, better relationships with third party developers, and perhaps a Wii U price cut that may never see the light of day.

What do you think of Iwata’s ideology? Is he totally lost in a cloud or can he continue to lead Nintendo out of industry poverty and back into flourishing?


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