Put on your crime-solving trenchcoats and dust off that clue-gathering 3DS.  The Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk visual novel will finally see its North American debut Sept. 28.

In this latest case, the accidental death of a homeless man sends detective Jake Hunter to a mysterious mansion. “But all is not as it appears at the seemingly innocuous crime scene, and Jake can’t shake the hunch that something is amiss,” according to the official site.

In Legend of the Demon Princess, Jake’s newest client Misty Yarbrough requests that he look into a possible affair between her husband and Jake’s assistant Yulia. As Jake gets deeper into his investigation he discovers a connection between his current case and an old novel entitled Legend of the Demon Princess. Join Jake as he works to unravel the mystery.

To help lighten the mood of this dark and moody hard-boiled adventure, players can also enjoy the bonus episode “Jake Hunter Unleashed! School Festival Locked Office Case.”

Mysteriously supported

It might be a mystery to some why some companies are still releasing games for Nintendo’s nearly eight-year-old 3DS. But, the California-based localization firm has made it their business to release niche games on niche systems (which, in 2018 the 3DS has become). Jake Hunter Detective Stories: Ghost of the Dusk is Aksys Games’s fifth 3DS release. The company has also released a healthy amount of games on the PlayStation Vita, as well as on more mainstream consoles like XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The Switch saw the Aksys Games release of Little Dragons Cafe last month. Several other titles are expected on Nintendo’s main console over the next few months.

Despite its relative obscurity in the west, the series known in Japan as Tantei Jingji Sabur actually launched 31 years ago on Nintendo’s Family Computer Disk System. Games continued to be released over there across multiple systems including PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance. To date, only three titles have reached North American shores: the imminent Ghost of the Dusk and Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles, in 2008, and Jake Hunter Detective Story: Memories of the Past in 2009. Both of those Nintendo DS titles were remakes of the series’ earliest cases.

It’s no mystery why people like free stuff

In celebration of Jake Hunter’s newest adventure, Aksys Games is holding a giveaway until mid-October. Three winners will be chosen to receive the game plus a set of Aksys Games-branded earbuds, to wear so as not to make Jake Hunter-less Switch owners jealous (in North America. Prism of Eyes, the series’s Switch debut, was released in Japan last month). Those unable to score a free copy of Ghost of the Dusk can purchase it starting tomorrow for $39.99.

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