Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales record Switch Japan

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, take a look at your “Online Friends,” and it’s easy to see how popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons is. Everyone is playing this game! It looks like that’s the case in Japan as well, based on the latest report from Famitsu. According to their sales numbers, the adorable island adventure sold an astonishing 1,880,626 copies at launch. That’s an incredible first three days, and that only includes physical copies sold in Japan… during a pandemic.

Animal Crossing smashes Japan sales record

Let’s put that number in perspective. For starters, it’s a new record! Animal Crossing can now boast the strongest launch of any Switch game in Japan. For comparison, Pokémon Sword and Shield held the previous record at 1,364,544. That means Animal Crossing surpassed its launch sales by over half a million!

We only have hard numbers from Japan thus far, but we’ve also heard reports that it’s smashing records in the UK as well. Anecdotally, I’ve never seen a game this dominant at launch in America since at least Breath of the Wild.

Switch has its best week ever

Beyond the impressive software numbers, it was also a record-breaking week for hardware. Famitsu reports that Switch itself (including both the standard and Lite models) sold 392,576 units in Japan this past week. That’s a new record for Switch hardware sales, beating the console’s debut sales of 330,637 back in 2017.

I can’t stress enough that these incredible numbers come during a pandemic that has been causing shortages and discouraging non-essential trips. This is a truly remarkable launch week for Animal Crossing and a huge win for Switch as a platform.


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