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The next generation has officially arrived. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (and/or S) are finally available, and the sales numbers are starting to come in. Today’s sales data comes from Japan, where Microsoft has always been near-nonexistent. Sony once dominated its home country, but recently the PlayStation brand has lost a lot of ground to rival Nintendo. So was Sony able to fight back with strong enough PS5 sales to claim the top spot in its debut week? Yep! Just barely.

The next generation debuts in Japan

According to the latest data from Famitsu, PS5 sold a combined 118,085 units to the Switch family’s 116,267 sales. That breaks down to 103,901 standard PlayStation 5 consoles and 14,184 units of the Digital Edition. Not a bad start for the new era of PlayStation! However, it’s important to note that this is a brand new console matched up against one that’s nearing its fourth birthday. Switch sold 329,152 units during its Japanese debut in 2017, so Sony has its work cut out.

Japan has been trending away from favoring home consoles for many years, with handhelds and mobile devices dominating in their stead. The portable nature of Switch is a major key to its success in Japan. That said, the fact that PS5 sales eclipsed 100,000 with such a hefty price tag is impressive. It will be interesting to see if that sales momentum holds through the holidays and beyond, especially as Sony figures out its stock issues. In the meantime, you can check out the full hardware sales breakdown below.

PS5 sales top the hardware charts

  1. PlayStation 5 – 103,901 (New)
  2. Switch – 93,671 (13,215,665)
  3. Switch Lite – 22,596 (2,824,591)
  4. Xbox Series X – 16,247 (New)
  5. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 14,181 (New)
  6. Xbox Series S – 4,287 (New)
  7. PlayStation 4 – 2,903 (7,674,109)
  8. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 474 (1,746,460)
  9. PlayStation 4 Pro – 71 (1,575,100)
  10. New 3DS LL – 23 (5,888,770)
  11. Xbox One X – 14 (20,980)
  12. Xbox One S – 11 (93,662)

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