Japan Retro Game Association gives away free SNES consoles SFC Super Nintendo Super Famicom during COVID-19 coronavirus Final Fantasy VI Donkey Kong Country

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus has ensured that most of the world is a crappy place to be right now, but there are forces of good fighting the tide. One of those forces is the Japan Retro Game Association (JARGA), which is giving away 100 free Super Famicom (Super Nintendo or SNES internationally) consoles with cables to homes with children in order to provide entertainment in this difficult time. Sweetening the deal, the SNES consoles come with Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the United States) and Donkey Kong Country — what an epic combo!

As Dual Shockers explains it, to be eligible for a free SNES, you have to fill out a form, be able to pay the shipping cost, and have children that are under 16 years old. A lottery will decide who ultimately wins a console, and families have till April 26, 23:59 JST to apply.

I love the Super Nintendo, and it’s my favorite console ever by far. In fact, I own a Super Famicom and various RPGs for it too, even though I currently lack the adapters to use it. So it really warms my heart that more kids who may have never experienced the SNES before will soon get their hands on it, along with some of its absolute best games.

In related news, the holy grail of all consoles, the Nintendo Play Station, recently sold at auction, and the plan is to put it in a museum.


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