Nintendo of Japan have today confirmed on their official website and on Twitter that they will be airing a Nintendo Direct tomorrow which focuses solely on third party Nintendo 3DS games. The Direct will obviously be targeted at a Japanese audience and will likely have games showcased that may never see the light of day outside of Japan, although with Nintendo’s recent history of localising games for overseas, anything is possible. Sega’s Yosuke Okunari has since Retweeted Nintendo’s Tweet about the Direct, possibly pointing to at least one Sega game being showcased.


At the time of writing, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe have not yet announced a Nintendo Direct, so the likely outcome is that this is a Japanese only Direct, with something for other regions saved for a later date. The Direct starts at 8pm Japanese time but if you want to watch it for yourself you can do so here. The times are as follows:

USA East Coast – 7am July 11th
USA West Coast – 4am July 11th
Europe – 1pm July 11th
UK – Noon July 11th
Australian Eastern Standard Time – 9pm July 11th


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