Gamers today don’t have to worry much about wrapping controller cords with everything now being wireless, but it was something we all had to deal with back in the day, especially for Nintendo 64 (N64) controllers. For some, it was a ritual, while for others, it was a nuisance. A Japanese Twitter user who goes by @TaichaArtemis shared an amusing poll and personality test that recently went viral, asking people how they used to wrap their N64 controller.

@TaichaArtemis says that people had different opinions and biases about how they wrapped the cords of their N64 controllers back in the day. They asked people which faction they belonged to, with details on four popular methods and what kind of adults they likely grew up to become.

Pattern 1 – The safe “one-sided wrap”

Japanese personality test asks how did you wrap your N64 controller Nintendo 64 cord cords

A pattern that simply wraps the cord on one side. It has no personality, but it’s very reasonable.

Many of these people have grown up to be normal adults, for better or worse.

Pattern 2 – The “cross wrap” with an emphasis on coolness

Japanese personality test asks how did you wrap your N64 controller Nintendo 64 cord cords

Contrary to the one-sided wrap, the cross wrap shows a personality that tickles the fancy of any chuuni (a.k.a edgelord). This pattern takes time, but what’s more important is that it looks cool.

Many of these people tend to be hardcore gamers who live in the now.

Pattern 3 – The proper “diagonal wrap”

Diagonal Wrap

This pattern comes from the honor student type that combines beauty and speed through a diagonal wrap. These people obeyed the rule of one hour of video games a day.

People who wrapped controllers like this tend to have proper work and families now. A bit sad.

Pattern 4 – The “Tasuki wrap” that is all about freedom

Tasuki wrap

(Tasuki is a type of sash used to hold the sleeves of a kimono).

King of the avant-garde. Think of Yamada from Chibi Maruko-chan. It’s all about freedom. After all, it’s just a way to wrap a cord.

The whereabouts of many of these people are currently unknown. Please get in touch with us if you’re alive and well.

Here are the final results from the Nintendo 64 controller cord wrap poll out of 2,924 votes:

  • One-sided wrap – 26.2%
  • Cross wrap – 45.1%
  • Diagonal wrap – 13.2%
  • Tasuki wrap – 15.5%

If I could throw in one more N64 controller cord wrap pattern, it would be those who let their cables go wild into a tangled mess. They wanted to watch the world burn and probably still do to this day.

Tell us about how you used to wrap your N64 controllers!


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