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Thanks in part to the boundless poise and intellect of its host, Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! enjoys a reputation as the classiest and most intellectual of all game shows. And anyone who can confidently and consistently answer the show’s questions is undoubtedly a well-read genius. So it really leaves a bad taste in our mouths that Jeopardy! recently used a completely bogus piece of Tetris trivia on its show, based off a Photoshopped joke posted to the internet.

The fake trivia in question claims that the original NES instruction manual for Tetris gave each of the game’s tetrominoes (blocks) official names, and boy are they stupid. The faked image seems to originate with Twitter user @vecchitto, but here is a meme-ified version that has funneled through social media:

fake Tetris block names Photoshop

Yeah, very fake. Twitter user Jeff Ball swiftly debunked the claim too (though you can see for yourself):

Well, the fact checkers of Jeopardy! evidently did not dig too deeply into this particular story, as they used a clue on a recent episode referring to “The 7 rotatable blocks used in this video game have names like Orange Ricky, Hero & Smashboy.” This is all kinds of embarrassing for a show that, typically rightfully, prides itself on accuracy and educating the world with all sorts of esoteric factoids.

Still, one error out of thousands is a good track record overall — and I myself am not immune to mistakes either — so I can’t come down on them too hard. It’s mostly just funny. Although, it does distress me that there are now intelligent people in the world who believe there is a Tetris block called “Orange Ricky” thanks to Jeopardy! and the tragically seductive Alex Trebek.


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