Tamarin Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini is getting a spiritual successor of sorts called Tamarin, but don’t expect to see it on Switch anytime soon – if at all. Both on the game’s FAQ and on Twitter, developer Chameleon Games (a studio that includes a few ex-Rare devs, by the way) made it clear that a Switch version would take a very long time to make since the team currently has its hands full with the PS4, PC, and planned Xbox One versions. First, check out the language from their FAQ:

Since we’re a small team, our hands are currently full with the PC and PS4 versions. We can confirm that the game is now in development for Xbox One. For technical reasons and because development started long before Switch was out, a potential Switch version would take a long time.

Nintendo fans who felt that this Jet Force Gemini-style title would be simply perfect on Switch took to Twitter right away to ask about Tamarin on Switch, where Chameleon Games stood its ground and insisted that a Switch port would be very challenging to pull off.

Chameleon Games did later say that a port is more likely on future hardware, such as a Nintendo Switch Pro (that’s been rumored pretty heavily lately, but then again, when is a Switch Pro not heavily rumored?).

With a mix of 3D platforming and mowing down an insect invasion, Tamarin certainly looks pleasing, and with ex-Rare devs like David Wise and Steven Mayles in on the action, it has a solid chance of living up to the standard set by Jet Force Gemini. Ideally, we’ll get to see it on Switch eventually, but for now, keep those hopes in check.


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