Robotnik Jim Carrey talks about Sonic movie

In an interview with film YouTuber Jake Hamilton, Jim Carrey said he would be up for reprising his role as Dr. Robotnik in a future Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Carrey is famously almost never on board with sequels; through his long career, he has only ever revisited Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber. He cites how challenging it is to authentically get back in character, saying that his past sequels felt more like he was imitating his old acting rather than playing his role. Something is different with Dr. Robotnik, though, and Carrey thinks another go could be worthwhile. You can watch the full interview below, or read on for the quote on his willingness for future movies.

While discussing his role, Carrey showed interest in taking the character for another spin in a future Sonic the Hedgehog movie, discussing how fun it was to play Sonic’s nemesis and all of the untapped potential:

“This part, I wouldn’t mind going to do other one, because it was so much fun, first of all. And you know, it was a real challenge to try to convince people that I have a triple digit IQ. There is so much room, Robotnik has not reached his apotheosis.”

First things first, though. Before we can talk about a sequel in earnest, let’s hope that Sonic the Hedgehog can blow us away with his first outing. The scarce first impressions we have are positive, but we’ll all be able to decide for ourselves in just a couple of weeks when the movie opens. If the stars align, we’ll have as much fun watching Jim Carrey play Robotnik as he did playing him.


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