Jirachi 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon Snap

The third of 10 Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to appear in New Pokémon Snap, Jirachi is one of the few that just hang out in the open, much like Celebi. However, if you want that rare 4-star Jirachi photo, you’ll have a little work to do, and with our guide, you should be able to snag it with almost no trouble whatsoever!

Jirachi 4-star photo guide for New Pokémon Snap

Head to the Ruins at Research Level 2. Upon reaching the outside Ruins (where the group of Eldegoss fly in your path), you should be able to find Jirachi hanging out in front of the ruins. You can get the 1-star photo here without too much trouble, though if you try to get it with the Eldegoss in view, you might have a few issues with subject identification.

We’re here for the 4-star Jirachi photo though, so head into the ruins as normal. Proceed throughout this segment activating all the totems once again, as if you were unlocking the final Illumina encounter. You should find a Jirachi sitting on the third of the totems, so it it with a few Illumina Orbs until it flies off. Once you hit the final Crystabloom at the end, you’ll see Jirachi fly towards the pillar of light. At this point, activate the melody a few times, until Jirachi comes close to you and uses a wish. Snap your camera during this moment for the 4-star picture.

There are nine other Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to find in New Pokémon Snap, so if you’re having trouble with those, be sure to check out our other guides!

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